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Frequently Asked Questions 

We’re happy to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. But if you don’t find what you need, feel free to call us at (480) 354.7606. You can also fill out our quick-quote form. Just input your question at the bottom of the form, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Who is AZ Shower Solutions?

We are a family-owned business catering to your custom shower door needs. Our 30+ years of experience allows us to help you make the right choices for your Arizona Shower. Shower enclosures are all we do, and we do them well.

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What sets your glass shower door apart from those purchased at one of the home improvement centers?

Simply put, quality. Many of the glass shower doors purchased at home improvement centers have parts that may not be the best quality. While they look great on display, we often end up replacing them due to failed parts. Discontinued product lines makes it difficult to track down replacement parts after a few years. For 20 years, we have manufactured our doors right here in Phoenix using only the highest quality materials. Should you ever need a part for your Arizona Shower, it's only a phone call away.  

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Does AZ Shower Solutions provide a guarantee?

Yes. Our shower doors carry a two-year warranty on all parts and workmanship if AZ Shower Solutions installs it. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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How long will it take to get my glass shower door installed?

We will be ready to install your beautiful, new shower door within five to seven days from the time we order it. Many times it is ready sooner; however, it depends on how many custom features we need to manufacture.

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Can I get a price quote over the phone?

Of course! We welcome your call at (480) 354.7606. See our products page for ideas to help you decide what you want. If you need a standard door, such as a tub slider (TE), a shower slider (SE), or a pivot door (PD), we should be able to give you a quote right away. We will need the width of the opening at the bottom and top as well as the height of the tile or fiberglass from the sill (front lip) of the enclosure. To ensure a correct fit, we will need to measure for any doors that require inline or return panels. House calls for estimates are always free in the East Valley since we operate out of Mesa. You may also fill out our easy request form.

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Shower Door Care

What is the best way to clean my shower door?

The best tool to keep a shower door clean is a squeegee. Here in the southwest we have very hard water that leaves calcium deposits. If you want your clear glass to stay clear, use a squeegee after every shower—it will make a world of difference.

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What is the life expectancy of a shower door and frame?

The average life expectancy of a shower door is 8–10 years, and with good care, up to 15 years. The aluminum used on shower doors begins to corrode after about eight years of continuous use. It all boils down to how clean things are kept.

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Do you have any more tips for keeping my door looking clean?

How Stuff Works is a great resource and includes more tips on how to keep your shower door and bathroom clean.

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